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Getting enough office cover without paying through the nose

Whether you run your own business out of your home or lease a space in a building, it is important to protect your investment in your business by looking at office insurance. While each business is different in terms of budget and specific needs, there are a variety of insurance companies who are willing to work with you and make sure you are properly covered and you can get multiple quotes by clicking the link above. Some insurers may provide you with contents insurance at no extra charge, so if you have a large assortment of fax machines, printers, computers, telephones or other expensive equipment, you may want to consider a policy that includes contents insurance as standard.

Office insurance can cover everything from accident liability to buildings, contents and equipment. By purchasing this type of insurance, you are protecting yourself and your investment against circumstances, both known and unknown. If you handle customers on a regular basis, keep in mind that the risk of liability claims increases significantly with the number of people that use your services. For example, a customer may come to your office, whether at home or off-site, and fall over a computer cord. If he hits his head and suffers a serious injury, he may take legal action and seek compensation for medical bills and lost wages. Not all claims come from customers, however. An employee may believe that he developed back pain from sitting in one of your company’s chairs that was not designed properly. He may take legal action for the pain you have caused him. By purchasing an office insurance policy, you could ensure your financial future and reducing the risk of having to pay out of pocket for any claims made against you or your business.

There are a significant number of insurance companies that offer office insurance to customers. It is in your best interest to do your research before choosing a policy and a provider. Buildings insurance is always a great foundation for protecting yourself, as it covers your property and structure from damage caused by vandalism, fire, floods or subsidence. If you feel like you live in your office and have many personal items there, or you have fancy technology that cost you a fortune, you may want to consider purchasing contents insurance that will reimburse you in the event of burglary, theft or any type of natural disaster. If you are not entirely sure what is covered under contents insurance, check each policy before deciding on a provider. Typically, however, portable contents are protected including video and audio equipment, pictures, furniture, televisions, computers and telephones.

What is Most Important?

Without a doubt, public liability insurance may be the most important type of office insurance you can buy because it protects you against people who may file a lawsuit against you. Some insurers include it with their other policies at no extra charge to you. You are required by UK law to purchase employer’s liability insurance for your business that will pay for damages, expenses or legal costs if one of your employees becomes ill or hurts himself while working at your office. You may also choose to purchase business interruption insurance that will protect your income if you cannot operate your business or use your office if a natural disaster, equipment failure or other unforeseen circumstance should occur. If you keep cheques or cash in your office, you may also purchase cover that reimburses you if your finances are lost, damaged or stolen while either in transit or directly on your property.

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